FIFA 18 Ratings: Players worthy of upgraded rating in FIFA 18

FIFA 18 Ratings: Players worthy of upgraded rating in FIFA 18


Football is a dynamic game; one game can improve your form for the rest of the season or you could pick up an injury and get sidelined for a whole year. In this era where there is new talent discovered every game week and players losing their play every so often, we are going to re-analyze some of the top players worthy of upgraded rating in FIFA 18.


Players worthy of upgraded rating in FIFA 18


The developers of FIFA 18, EA Sports update their game rating once or twice a year when the current version of the game is on market. They upgrade and downgrade rating for the next game considering the overall performance and potential of the player in the current season.

Here is a list of top players in form worthy of upgraded rating in FIFA 18.


FIFA 18 Ratings: Players worthy of upgraded rating in FIFA 18


The Sunderland Goalkeeper has shown a lot of progress in the latest season. Despite his team being in the relegation zone, the English goal stopper has made a ton of saves making him one of the wonder kid to watch for in upcoming seasons as well as in FIFA 18.
The 22-year old has a FIFA 17 rating of 76 with a potential to reach 85. His stats are high enough for a kid his age with 78 in reflexes and 76 in ball handling in FIFA 17, we are looking for a definite 80 rating for him in FIFA 18.


Bellerin has established himself as the number one right back for the Gunners this season starting 16 out of 24 games for the team. He was brilliant last season as well getting a FIFA 17 rating boost of 79 but he has improved a lot since then.
The Spaniard has been a total treat going ahead with the ball and is considered fastest right back in the world. His pace is unbeatable in real life as well as in FIFA games but he has improved a lot in backline defending and tackling. This should upgrade his FIFA 18 rating to 80 plus but his potential shows he deserves a rating around 85.


Ake had an amazing loan spell with Bournemouth for the first half of this season. He not only defended to his fullest but also had brilliant statistics in front of the goal with 3 goals and 13 key passes. The Chelsea loanee was recalled by the current manager Conte without him finishing his spell at Bournemouth.
The Dutchman has a current overall rating of 72 in FIFA 17 but we believe it will come close to an 80 in FIFA 18. His ability to score goals should factor a lot in his ratings for FIFA 18. However, it might get hampered if he is not given a chance to play at Chelsea with the Premier League leaders already having a solid defensive line.


The Spurs midfielder is one of the most underrated midfielders in the game. He has a lot of brilliant stat to back him being a key player in the Spurs side. The Belgian has 92% pass accuracy and has won more than 2 Man of the Match award for his side this season.
The 29-year old has a rating of 82 in FIFA 17 which is not so bad but he is still not rated correctly in the game. We believe that his rating in FIFA 18 should at least hover around an 85-overall mark. His stats for positioning and passing should be spiked to match the real him. We have also never seen him loose a ball.


FIFA 18 Ratings: Players worthy of upgraded rating in FIFA 18


The Inter Milan captain is not just a team leader but a superstar in terms of goals. He has scored 15 goals in less than 25 goals for his team this season with additional eight assists to his name. The Argentine has an overall rating of 82 in FIFA 17 but we believe that it is an injustice to the player.
Icardi’s has a rating of 81 in shooting and 78 in the shooting which is not enough to what we have seen him do this season. We believe that he will be one of the top scorers in Europe this season and EA are going to realise the mistake. We believe he at least deserves a rating of 85 in FIFA 18.


The Italian Center Forward has been phenomenal for Torino FC this season with 17 goals in 20 games with four additional assists in the Serie A making his side 9th in the league table. The player has also scored twice in his three Copa Italia Cup not to mention three goals in five international appearances. This natural goal scorer needs a super boost in FIFA 18.
Belotti has a FIFA rating of 77 which is super unrated considering his performance this season. We believe his rating to be above 80 and his shooting rating should at least be 85 in the upcoming FIFA 18.


The French national is considered one of the rising star of football who scored five and assisted 13 this season out of 30 total appearances for Dortmund. The 19-year-old currently have a rating of 77 in FIFA 17 but we think he is worthy of a lot more.
We believe that Dembele has potential to reach around 85+ in the next FIFA game; FIFA 18. However, EA is not a fan of boosting rating of a youngster so we might expect to get around 82/83 for FIFA 18 Ratings.



The Brazilian attacker showed his brilliance since his debut with the Citizens. He has scored three goals and one assist in two full games he played. He picked up an injury in the third game but we already know he is destined to be a star.
The 20-year-old has an overall rating of 78 in the current FIFA game but we are pretty sure that his rating will skyrocket in the upcoming FIFA 18 rating. The attacker is a natural goalscorer and has scored four times for Brazil national team only playing six games.