FIFA 18 Web App: Everything You Need to know

FIFA 18 Web App: Everything You Need to know about FUT Web App


Those of you who have played the FUT in earlier versions of FIFA need no explanation about FUT Web App. But, for all of those newbies and those who have played the game but not FUT, today you will be learning a lot about the FIFA 18 Web App.


FIFA 18 Web App


FIFA 18 Web App is an application which includes the following features:

– Trading, Selling, Buying and Searching FUT Cards
– Using and Testing Chemistry Styles of your squad
– Sharing your FUT Squad with your friends
– Buying and Opening FUT Packs
– Checking the TOTW/TOTS/TOTY and much more
– Check all your cards and manage them in your club
– Check the leaderboards
– Purchasing FIFA Points
– Accessing your FUT Interface without opening the game
– Receiving the Daily Gifts faster and getting most from pre-orders


You can find here the answers to the most common questions about the FIFA 18 Web App.

Q: What is FIFA Ultimate Team Web Application aka FUT Web App?
A: FUT Web App is an online extension of FIFA 17’s in game mode, the Ultimate Team. In this web portal you can manage your FUT team. It lets you do everything that you can do in the actual game mode except for playing with your FUT Team. You can buy/sell/trade players, open packs, buy packs, buy FIFA points among many other things with FUT Web App.

Q: Should I be using the FUT Web App for FIFA 17 Game?
We recommend you using the FUT Web App if you have already pre-ordered FIFA 17. The major advantage we see is that you get to manage your FUT team before the game actually launches. Besides, the web portal lets you access your Ultimate Team without actually opening the game. For instance, you have listed a player in an auction and just have to check on the incoming bids, you visit the web portal and see the status. Most FUT traders use the Web App rather than opening the game which takes a lot of their valuable time.

Q: Do I have to purchase the FUT Web App?
A: No , you can access the FUT Web App for free granted that you have purchased the game. You will also need an internet connection and the latest web browser with a flash extension.

Q: Which is better? FUT Web App or FUT Companion App?
A: Both of these portals let you use access your Ultimate Team and both of them have their own advantages. However, we recommend you using both. The Companion App is available on IOS, Android and Windows but the Web App need a flash installed on a computer. Also, one significant difference would be that you can use FUT Draft in the app.

Q: Does the FUT Web app crashes?
A: To be honest, it does. Not only the web app crashes, the whole Ultimate Team gone down sometime. EA labels this as Server Maintenance.

Q: Why can’t I buy FIFA Points via Web App?
A: FIFA points purchase is only available when the game is released. You can purchase FIFA points via The Web app.