Everything you need to know about FIFA 18 Ultimate Team

Everything you need to know about FIFA 18 Ultimate Team


For most of the community, The Ultimate Team mode was the best thing has ever happened to FIFA game series. If you don’t know how it works, we will give you a help. You can find here everything you need to know about FIFA 18 Ultimate Team.


Everything you need to know about FIFA 18 Ultimate Team


Many of you only play FUT. However, there are new players who haven’t even heard of this game mode. If you are one of the newbies, do not worry, we are going to cover everything that you need to know about the FIFA 18 Ultimate Team. If you have already played FUT and have more than a basic idea of the gameplay concept of this mode, we have interesting details for you too. We will be covering new features and ideas implemented in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team.

What is Ultimate Team?
FIFA Ultimate Team or FUT is a mode in FIFA games where you can create a team, built it, develop it and play online as well as offline. You get to build a team with real life players. FUT has tournaments and divisions you can play on. You start a division with 10 and finish it in Division 1. These divisions can be online or offline. There are other popular modes within FUT like Draft, FUT Champions and Squad Building Challenges.

Can I Transfer my Ultimate Team to FIFA 18?
Sorry but, excepting FIFA Points, club’s name, FCC and XP level, nothing from your current Ultimate Team can be transferred to FIFA 18 Ultimate Team. You will be starting your FIFA 18 Ultimate Team campaign from the scratch and it is fun this way. You will get updated squads and teams in the newer version.

How do I start FIFA 18 Ultimate Team?
Everyone starts from the bottom. You will begin with a bronze and silver teams mixed with a few gold players. If you have played FUT 17, you will get a few gold packs as a bonus. However, you can start your FUT 18 early by pre-ordering the game. This way you can play the Ultimate Team in the Web App before the game is launched. You can buy players to improve your team but you need to have coins for that. If you have the game, you can play matches and earn coins. If you do not, you are left with only one option: Pack Opening. You need to have FIFA Points to open packs. If you want to create a stronger team, you will have to participate in the Transfer Market, where player auctions are held. You can sell your packed players in the market to earn coins. Then you can buy a player of your choice form the coins you earn.

How are players classified?
Every player in FIFA 18 are categorised into three different coloured cards; bronze, silver and gold. Bronze players are FIFA players rated from 0 to 63. Silver players are rated from 65 to 74 and players from 75 fall under gold card. Each card is further split into other three cards. They are Normal, Rare and InForm Cards. Normal is the default card, rare means that it is more valuable and inform cards are the very rare card. Inform Cards in FIFA 18 will be determined by the most in formed players. New Inform Cards will be released every mid-week. There are stats printed on each card. These stats are based on their real life performances. Inform players get bonus stats added into their card which makes them special and very rare. You can get high price for these cards should you pack them in a pack opening.

What is Chemistry in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team?
Chemistry is very important in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team. EA decided that they would not let you have any player linked with any other player but to make a team stronger they should be related. Chemistry helps your players, as well as the team to perform better. A team chemistry is rated out of 100 that is the total of all you individual player who has each chemistry of 10. Chemistry increases when you play with the same team over and over.

What are player contracts and fitness?
The player in FUT can play only a limited number of games and the limit is set by player contracts. The default player contract is seven but you can add them if you want to. Player’s fitness is determined by the number of games he plays. Each game decreases the fitness whereas resting the player will gain you a fitness point.